Win a Turkey!

Win a Turkey!

Facebook page:

Fine Print:

a)contest closes Thursday, December 20th at 8pm PMT. Winner randomly chosen Dec 21.
b)contest open to all Canadian residents over the age of 18, one entry each.
c)single winner must be able to arrange pick up in Kelowna from Quality Farms.
d)turkey will be selected by Quality Farms, ready after Dec 22nd.
e)if winner is chosen outside of Kelowna, they may have someone pick it up for them OR choose to give that prize away to a Kelowna/Okanagan-resident. Sharing is caring.
f) you MUST do all three things to win!!!!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS TURKEY GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

  1. amanda robertson

    I had not heard of quality farms before, and couldn’t be more excited about it!! A turkey dinner must have is stuffing !(with cranberries)

  2. Rebecca

    Havnt heard of quality farms before. Would like to hear more about it! Fav dish with turkey would be … many choices lol, either mashed potatoes, or mashed carrots and turnips with butter! Lol of course cranberry on everything!

  3. Julie boden

    I haven’t heard of quality farms. What a great idea and local. My favorite dish with turkey is creamy cucumber salad garden cucumbers even better….and broccoli casserole with the bread crumbs topped and super cheesy. I am going to check out quality farms soon

  4. Courtney

    I have not heard of Quality Farms before, glad I have – would love to share this with my family. I think mashed potatoes mixed with gravy and cranberry sauce are a must with turkey!


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