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HEY CANADA! I have some great news – a local Kelowna BC company is ramping up their global distribution and wants YOU to win some xenoestrogen-free products. They are all made with organic and clean ingredients that you can READ! Even a citrus/sage spray deoderant and three bottles of hard-to-find essential oils.

Read the “7 Estro-lessons” on Bonnie’s website. She has recently ventured into production with Nature’s Formulae here in Kelowna and you can expect BIG BIG BIG things to come your way all across Canada, and internationally. Already local grocery stores are carrying her products. Our team here at OIA support everything this company stands for and I can’t wait to do some future reviews on their up and coming products.




1.Open to all residents with a Canadian post address
2.Prize may be revoked at any time
3.Winner has 48hrs to answer me over facebook until a new draw occurs and the first winner loses their place
4.Contest begins April 27 and ends May 3rd at 5pm 2013

Organic Healthy Hummus

This recipe literally came about because I opened some chickpeas for a snack for my daughter and couldn’t decide what to do with the rest of the can – DUH -make hummus for the first time ever! I have been meaning to make this for ages and am so excited to share my Friday night dip with you all. What better snack for kids than veggies and homemade hummus. This can be varied a few different ways depending on what you have in the cupboard, but the main recipe is solid.

Secret ingredient = NUTRITIONAL YEAST! Sooo what is Nutritional Yeast and why haven’t I used this before you ask? Start sprinkling it on anything! Popcorn is a great place to start but the “vegan cheese” flavor and non-yeast properties make it a must have item in the house.

“Nutritional yeast is packed with nutrition, particularly B-vitamins, folic acid, selenium, zinc, and protein. It’s low in fat, gluten-free (check specific brands for certification), and contains no added sugars or preservatives. Because vitamin B12 is absent from plant foods unless it’s added as a supplement, nutritional yeast that contains B12, such as Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula, is a great addition to the vegan diet.” (lowfatveganblog)

A few of the ingredients including my recycled nutritional yeast shaker

A few of the ingredients including my recycled nutritional yeast shaker

What you will need:

1 15oz can (standard size) of organic chickpeas
the juice of 1 organic lemon
1/4 c organic tahini (available at most grocery stores, often on sale)
1 large clove of organic garlic (try to avoid chinese garlic)
2 tbsp organic olive oil/favorite oil/part flaxseed oil
1 tbsp nutritional yeast (try the bulk section if you can’t find it anywhere else)
1/2tsp himalayan salt
1/2 tsp cumin
optional: dash of cayenne pepper or paprika to sprinkle color on top

In your blender or food processor (we used the Vitamix) add the tahini and lemon juice and blend until very smooth and even, about a minute. Then add in everything else and mix very well until smooth and creamy looking. You may choose to add more garlic or more oil to reach your desired taste and consistency.

What it looks like completed

What it looks like completed

For toddlers, steam some carrots, broccoli and cauliflower to use in lieu of a cracker or chip. Older kids can skip the steaming and go right for their favorite veggies like peppers, cucumber and celery. Our 13 month old tried to drink the bowl. I would call that a success! Store refrigerated for a few days, if it lasts that long!

Organic chips from Nester's Market come in blue and red for extra pop

Organic chips from Nester’s Market come in blue and red for extra pop

Let me know if you try it!

Adapted from an inspired taste recipe



I have so many people who love to talking “juicing”. But not all juicers are made alike. Not even close! This is like comparing the standard blender to the Vitamix or Blendtec. YOU WANT TO BUY A GOOD ONE. Although the Norwalk Juicer is technically the most nutritious, it is also the most expensive, heaviest and takes up some major counter space.

Single auger slow juicers are the next best. Small counterspace, easy to clean, well made, low power usage, and worth every penny if you can find them for a good price. The link above talks about the Hurom. It is essentially the exact same as the Omega VERT, minus a few years of warranty on the motor. I would buy either one (Hurom or Omega) in a heart beat… it just might be my next purchase. Anyone try them before??? Heard of them? Want one??? Make sure to mix with organic vegetables only – wouldn’t want to drink those pesticides when juicing is meant for detox!

The Omega Vert

The Omega Vert

Lunch Mate Burgers Exposed

I was passing by an aisle at the grocery store and saw a BOGO sign. I saw it was a new packaged lunchables called Lunch Mate.

A friend who works at a daycare told me these actually show up at lunchtime! I wanted to share what I saw:



Here is a small list of SOME of the ingredient in one “real chicken” package:

soybean oil, soy protein & soy lethicin (GMO)
corn starch, corn flour (GMO)
sodium stearoyl lactylate
EDTA (binds to calcium & magnesium, halting their absorption)
sodium benzoate
sodium diacetate
sodium and potassium lactate
sugar, glucose syrup and artificial flavors (in the peach slices!)

and a WHOLE lot more that I can’t pronounce. I hope parents start to realize that packaged lunches a slowly sickening children with their poor ingredients and preserving chemicals. Every human deserves better than this, but our children are “under construction” and especially need the vital nutrients for growing, maintaining and healing their body & brain. Even when offered one for free, avoid lunch mates… the real peaches aren’t too far away!