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Foolproof flour crackers for the family

Our store bought crackers have sugar in them! We were shocked. Finally pulled up our big kid pants and made our own. Insanely easy and they can be made so many ways! Oven to 375 and go:

Mix 1c flour, 1/2tsp bak powder and 1/4 tsp salt and fav seasoning like nutritional yeast, cumin, cayenne & rosemary
Add 2tbsp oil, 1/4c+1tbsp water and mix well. Roll out as thin as possible. A silicone sheet works best for this. Sprinkle a little more mineral salt all over the top and use a knife to skor. Bake 12-14min. They should break apart easy and enjoy!!!




This one is for those nights when you say “what are we going to eat?” while staring blankly in your fridge. Even better when you have children complaining in the background. The best part is that THEY CAN HELP and it becomes fun for everyone. This also helps clear the fridge “extras” out and you can vary it so many ways for each adult or child with ease. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not because EVERYONE LOVES PIZZA!!!!!!!

What you will need:

Healthy bread, bagels or round pitas. They get hidden, so anything healthy works
Organic tomato sauce and favorite spices (Cheapest at Costco)
As many vegetables, frozen or fresh as you or your kids want! Some of our favourites are : spinach, peas, corn, carrot, zucchini, peppers, kale, green onion and sautéed onion. (garden fresh is a bonus!)


It is sooo simple – once you finely chop up or grate the vegetables (smaller for wee ones, larger for adults) quickly sauté the harder ones such as onion and peppers for a couple minutes to soften. While sautéing, top the base with tomato sauce and spices, then have each person sprinkle their favourite colours on their base. Finish with grated cheese and bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes, or until browning at the edges. You may choose to broil the cheese if you prefer it sizzling on top! Slice the pizza into appropriate bite sizes for the kids and then sit and eat and feel good that you are DONE DINNER!

Easy Organic Rhubarb Crisp

Do you grow rhubarb? Time to break out a family recipe I’m in love with! Grandma Purnell made this and reminded me that I need to eat rhubarb EVERYTHING during the spring. A great tip is to freeze it in 1/2″ lengths during the winter so you can grab and go for this quick recipe. Perfect for a summer patio dinner. Drool….

For 4-8 servings you will need:

7c rhubarb in 1/2″ lengths
5 tbsp sugar
1c flour (we use whole wheat, but any flour will do)
1/2c organic coconut sugar (up to 1c if you like it sweeter)
1/2c flour
1/2c quick cook organic oats
1/2 tsp salt
1/2c butter or mix in some coconut butter/oil to achieve similar results
optional: blueberries or strawberries

Step 1 in the vintage curvy bowl. Yes.

Step 1 in the vintage curvy bowl. Yes.

Put the rhubarb into a 10′ casserole dish. Mix the first two amounts of sugar and flour and coat the rhubarb. Combine all of the remaining ingredients until you reach a crumbly mixture. Spread evenly over the top and pat it down lightly. Bake for 40-50min at 375F.

Browned crumble plus soft rhubarb= ready!

Browned crumble plus soft rhubarb= ready!

Serve with a scoop of homemade ice cream, organic whipped cream or some greek yogurt! Although it serves about 8 people, be prepared to go back for 2nds.



Organic Healthy Hummus

This recipe literally came about because I opened some chickpeas for a snack for my daughter and couldn’t decide what to do with the rest of the can – DUH -make hummus for the first time ever! I have been meaning to make this for ages and am so excited to share my Friday night dip with you all. What better snack for kids than veggies and homemade hummus. This can be varied a few different ways depending on what you have in the cupboard, but the main recipe is solid.

Secret ingredient = NUTRITIONAL YEAST! Sooo what is Nutritional Yeast and why haven’t I used this before you ask? Start sprinkling it on anything! Popcorn is a great place to start but the “vegan cheese” flavor and non-yeast properties make it a must have item in the house.

“Nutritional yeast is packed with nutrition, particularly B-vitamins, folic acid, selenium, zinc, and protein. It’s low in fat, gluten-free (check specific brands for certification), and contains no added sugars or preservatives. Because vitamin B12 is absent from plant foods unless it’s added as a supplement, nutritional yeast that contains B12, such as Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula, is a great addition to the vegan diet.” (lowfatveganblog)

A few of the ingredients including my recycled nutritional yeast shaker

A few of the ingredients including my recycled nutritional yeast shaker

What you will need:

1 15oz can (standard size) of organic chickpeas
the juice of 1 organic lemon
1/4 c organic tahini (available at most grocery stores, often on sale)
1 large clove of organic garlic (try to avoid chinese garlic)
2 tbsp organic olive oil/favorite oil/part flaxseed oil
1 tbsp nutritional yeast (try the bulk section if you can’t find it anywhere else)
1/2tsp himalayan salt
1/2 tsp cumin
optional: dash of cayenne pepper or paprika to sprinkle color on top

In your blender or food processor (we used the Vitamix) add the tahini and lemon juice and blend until very smooth and even, about a minute. Then add in everything else and mix very well until smooth and creamy looking. You may choose to add more garlic or more oil to reach your desired taste and consistency.

What it looks like completed

What it looks like completed

For toddlers, steam some carrots, broccoli and cauliflower to use in lieu of a cracker or chip. Older kids can skip the steaming and go right for their favorite veggies like peppers, cucumber and celery. Our 13 month old tried to drink the bowl. I would call that a success! Store refrigerated for a few days, if it lasts that long!

Organic chips from Nester's Market come in blue and red for extra pop

Organic chips from Nester’s Market come in blue and red for extra pop

Let me know if you try it!

Adapted from an inspired taste recipe

Homemade Organic Sweet Potato Fries

I literally have been eating this so often that I keep putting the food in my mouth before remembering to take a picture of it!!!


Arguably my favorite meal- local beef with organic raw cheese over organic lettuce

Kid and adult friendly- here it is:

For 2-3 servings I use (what I make for lunch and eat by myself somedays!):
3-4 organic potatoes
1-2 sweet potatoes or yams
Organic seasoning mix
Paprika or cayenne pepper
High heat organic oil like coconut


Sweet potato, yam and organic potato mix – an oil spray jar is ideal for this task

1) Heat oven to 375
2) Peel and cut into fry shapes, the smaller the faster it will cook.
3) Oil the pan lightly. Toss fries onto tray. Drizzle evenly with oil (toss them around) so that they are all coated lightly. Season as you wish.
4) Put in oven and flip every ten minutes until browned on a few sides, about 30min.

Hint: if you love crispy fries, pump up the heat to 400+ for the last ten minutes.


What they look like during first flip (about 10 min)

Serve with your favorite mayo dip or just salted with ketchup. Best addition to your homemade burger night.


Completed and ready to eat!

Healthy Homemade Organic Ice Cream (DQ ingredients revealed!)



Just a few years ago, we realized ice cream was no longer ice cream at all! With ingredients like corn syrup, guar gum and flavorings, we banned ice cream from our house all together. Have you actually read what is in DQ “ice cream”? Get ready.. one small cone please…


And we serve this to children? Obviously a life without ice cream wasn’t an option so I immediately ordered an ice cream maker and figured I would start to learn how to make amazing ice cream. I read all kinds of long-winded, over-the-stove, cool-for-3-hrs recipes and got a little discouraged. After a few years of playing around I finally found a mom-friendly recipe good for when you have only TWENTY MINUTES to show time! I recently tested this on my friend Richard who was visiting and he thought it was acceptable to share with the world! So here you go.

What you will need: frozen ice cream maker, any kind of organic cream, any kind of organic milk, any kind of organic sugar and vanilla bean is ideal but you can substitute for any flavor of ice cream (fruit, cocoa etc)


I’m a free pourer so I tried to measure but this could be subject to your own sweetness and preferences (more cream=smoother):

4 cups total of cream and milk, start with about half of each
2 tablespoons of sugar
half of one vanilla bean
optional: pinch of mineral salt

Mix well. Add in vanilla bean and mix again. Turn on ice cream maker (a must before you pour for Kitchenaid attachment) and POUR IT IN!


How to open vanilla bean (cheapest at Costco):

Slice open one side of the bean with a sharp knife
Scrape out with a spoon, you can go over it a few times if necessary


Although it sticks together, you should be able to mix it into the ice cream fairly evenly with a whisk. Wait about 20 min for the ice cream to turn into a “soft serve” texture like this:


Serve immediately.

Or my personal favorite… use for waffle sandwiches! Mmmm


How to Make Perfect Rice WITHOUT a Rice Cooker

This is life changing information for rice lovers. I relied heavily on our rice cooker, stating ” I couldn’t live without it” on several occasions. Then it BROKE. I started researching rice cookers immediately, but since I am a quality designed person, I found only one rice cooker that met the household standards. The Zojirushi.

Pricetag? Anywhere from $250 to $400. Not happening today. This is an investment piece. So I had to go back to the old school method, since a day without rice is a day without life. I LOVE RICE!

How did you even cook rice again? Umm there is ratio of water to rice? Did I have to read the instructions on the bag? This wasn’t going to work for our fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants cooking style. We have recipes but we don’t really follow them once we’ve made it successfully. Anyone else like to wing it sometimes? It brings your senses back! Probably the most exciting way to cook since you have to taste and adjust accordingly rather than hope the recipe works. (comes with practice, I promise!)

So into the regular boring pot it went. You’ll want to start this at least 1 hour before serving the completed meal. I used to think you could only make one type of rice at a time. I started experimenting daily. Just a couple days later I had it down. I’ve made well over 100 pots of rice in the past few months and my current mix of rice is the following:

~1/3cup PER ADULT of a dry brown rice equally mixed with brown basmati I keep in my cupboard, handy to have pre-mixed in a sealed glass or plastic jar with the measuring cup in there at all times.
sprinkle of millet and/or quinoa
bonus: handful of lentils if you want to hide healthy beans in there

Cover with water and touch your pointer finger to the top of the rice. The water should reach the first line on that finger. The water is slightly short of the line in this photo:

Bring to a boil. If you cover, it will boil sooner.


As soon as it boils, turn all the way down to low and cover if not already covered. Now you have at least 30-40 min free. Rice should generally take around 50 minutes to complete, less if it’s a small pot and sometimes longer if it’s large.

Want the TRICK to perfect rice? Here it is… at about 40 minutes you’ll see the water disappear below the surface but clearly is still too moist to be finished (if you tip the pot you will see a pool of water is another check) like this:

Now TURN OFF THE HEAT! Let it rest and soak up the excess moisture for the remaining 10-15 minutes. It will also bring the rice down to a better serving temperature. It will stay warm for around 30+ minutes like this and IT WILL NEVER BURN!

Voila! Perfect rice!