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Easy Organic Rhubarb Crisp

Do you grow rhubarb? Time to break out a family recipe I’m in love with! Grandma Purnell made this and reminded me that I need to eat rhubarb EVERYTHING during the spring. A great tip is to freeze it in 1/2″ lengths during the winter so you can grab and go for this quick recipe. Perfect for a summer patio dinner. Drool….

For 4-8 servings you will need:

7c rhubarb in 1/2″ lengths
5 tbsp sugar
1c flour (we use whole wheat, but any flour will do)
1/2c organic coconut sugar (up to 1c if you like it sweeter)
1/2c flour
1/2c quick cook organic oats
1/2 tsp salt
1/2c butter or mix in some coconut butter/oil to achieve similar results
optional: blueberries or strawberries

Step 1 in the vintage curvy bowl. Yes.

Step 1 in the vintage curvy bowl. Yes.

Put the rhubarb into a 10′ casserole dish. Mix the first two amounts of sugar and flour and coat the rhubarb. Combine all of the remaining ingredients until you reach a crumbly mixture. Spread evenly over the top and pat it down lightly. Bake for 40-50min at 375F.

Browned crumble plus soft rhubarb= ready!

Browned crumble plus soft rhubarb= ready!

Serve with a scoop of homemade ice cream, organic whipped cream or some greek yogurt! Although it serves about 8 people, be prepared to go back for 2nds.





HEY CANADA! I have some great news – a local Kelowna BC company is ramping up their global distribution and wants YOU to win some xenoestrogen-free products. They are all made with organic and clean ingredients that you can READ! Even a citrus/sage spray deoderant and three bottles of hard-to-find essential oils.

Read the “7 Estro-lessons” on Bonnie’s website. She has recently ventured into production with Nature’s Formulae here in Kelowna and you can expect BIG BIG BIG things to come your way all across Canada, and internationally. Already local grocery stores are carrying her products. Our team here at OIA support everything this company stands for and I can’t wait to do some future reviews on their up and coming products.




1.Open to all residents with a Canadian post address
2.Prize may be revoked at any time
3.Winner has 48hrs to answer me over facebook until a new draw occurs and the first winner loses their place
4.Contest begins April 27 and ends May 3rd at 5pm 2013

Why I Love Costco (and you should too)

I LOVE COSTCO. It’s a dream come true that my love of buying bulk is finally meshing with organic shopping. No frills, no plastic bags, no fancy displays and well treated employees. Each Costco has the ability to customize some of its products to the local market, so our Costco here in Kelowna has realized the demand for organic is huge, and continues to bring in new products every month. It’s constantly growing! There are now three kinds of organic pasta (one gluten free). A full line of silver hills sprouted bread (gluten free as well) and two kinds of organic soup stocks!
I often stop at the comment cards (near the exit) and write down what’s missing. Try it at your local location. Ideas include: flour, cane sugar, flax oil, cheese, meat, butter, chocolate (chips), fruit & more produce!
You can split large items with other families or save it for food storage. Let me help you open your eyes to the growth with mini pics from my iPhone!

20130115-160501.jpgSilver Hills Gluten Free Bread, 2 pack. They have many varieties.

20130115-160517.jpgNew Coconut Sugar

20130115-160622.jpgGluten Free Pasta

20130115-160646.jpgSpring Mix

20130115-160657.jpgMy favorite Spinach

20130115-160709.jpgCarrot Juice, 2 pack

20130115-160725.jpgAcai Juice

20130115-160741.jpgFrozen Peas

20130115-160754.jpgFrozen Corn

20130115-160817.jpgGranola-like cereal, also have a pumpkin cereal

20130115-160829.jpgOlympic Yogurt, 2 pack

20130115-160843.jpgMy favorite seasoning

20130115-160855.jpg2L olive oil

20130115-160907.jpg4 pack Basil/Garlic pasta sauce in glass

20130115-160920.jpgCanned tomato sauce, cheapest around


20130115-161000.jpgVegetable Broth, Chicken available too

20130115-161031.jpgNew coconut oil! (Lethbridge’s photo)

The last photo is from living mint green‘s capture! I’ve even traveled to Costco in Hawaii and we were able to buy lots of excellent organic items for our vacation rental. Take a look at your local store! Maybe one day they will hire me as their organic purchaser. Until then I’m a happy customer. What’s your favorite item at your Costco?

*It’s important to mention not all items are cheaper organic here than other places, such as the organic milk & eggs. Please note that items are different store to store and that prices may vary, thus are worth comparing.

WIN a Week’s Worth of Organic Groceries!

I am so excited to team with one of my FAVORITE organic gems in Kelowna – Urban Harvest!!! If you haven’t heard of them you are missing out on a fantastic home delivery service with optional warehouse sales each Saturday. In recognition of the FIRST open warehouse sale of 2013 this Saturday January, 12th, we are giving away free organic produce. The winner can choose to have a customized box delivered, or use the certificate towards a vast selection of discounted produce between 9am-1pm any Saturday at their store. Visit their their website to see all of the options yourself! Click on the facebook links to ENTER and see the RULES, both below. Good luck!


1. Anyone in the world may enter, but the prize must be given to someone (friend or family) or won by someone who permanently resides in West Kelowna, Kelowna or Winfield BC.
2. Urban Harvest and OIA reserve the right to change or withdraw any offer at any time.
3. One entry per person, with one bonus entry for everyone completing the 15 day Sugar Free Challenge.
4. Contest starts Monday Jan 7, 2013 and closes Friday Jan 11, 2013 at noon. Winner chosen randomly and announced within 24 hours of closure.
5. Must complete all 4 steps to be eligible. Commenting below picture after sharing is optional, but will ensure names are tallied if your sharing function fails.

1. OIA’s Facebook Page (to share and comment you’ve entered)
2. Urban Harvest Organic Delivery Facebook Page (to like and get notifications)

Like OIA’s facebook page in the upper right hand corner for all the organic giveaways and information in the Okanagan!

Top 10 Secrets to Afford Organic!

The NUMBER ONE reason people are less-likely to try organic is the price. I always hear “but it’s more expensive” or “I don’t think I can afford it”. But if you live in the Okanagan, or any places with growing demand for clean food, farmers markets or health conscious grocery stores and have always been afraid to TRY, then this story will change your perception.

Naturally, many of my favorite conversations evolve into health topics while visiting friends. A few weeks ago, we were having a fun night at a friend’s house and by the time we reached the door, they were set on trying organic! I can’t even remember what was said, but it was clear they had thought about this before and just needed a few ideas of where to start and some inspiration from someone who was already doing it. This wasn’t just an individual, but a mother, father and three kids – yes an entire FAMILY challenged to buy the “expensive stuff” on a budget! Well guess what happened…


Ok you’re asking “how” right? Do they not eat very much? Is this for a joke? Oh no, they have an ultra marathon runner in the family, two full time jobs and all of the kids have after-school sports or activities. You might relate, or might be inspired yourself. Take it from Mom’s words herself:

“I used to spend about $200 a week between Superstore & Costco and other bits. Now I have been watching sales at Choices and Nesters and sometimes Superstore and also Costco. I have also been going to the market. I have been only buying organic and spending about $100-$150 a week…WAY less!! Yes some things cost more but not if you buy it on sale. Sometimes the organic on sale is cheaper than the regular stuff! We feel so much better & I have had no temptations for the junk we used to eat!!”

YES! I felt sane again, because this is what I have been saying all along. My husband and I easily eat as much as four-six people, and I am certain we spend less on organic groceries than the average that buys conventional. Intrigued where this unexpected savings occurred from, I also asked her husband what he thought was the cause and he figured it out right away – it was from the awareness of wanting to shop healthier and ditching all of the little “treats” or junk items he would pick up. “A few bags of chips here, a box or two of granola bars there… and before you know it you’ve spent $50” he said. A great support to the widely-known fact that processed or pre-packaged foods are the most expensive items you buy. So what can you do today? What tips did I share with them that will help you too? Although I prefer to individualize my information to a family’s needs and functions, I made my “top 10 ways to afford organic” that everyone can use in their life. Here goes…

1. Be flexible with your “list” when you go to the store. That way you will be less likely to buy the most expensive items, and be putting more money towards the sale items! There are always items on sale so it’s smart to shop once a week at your favorite organic supplier and stock up on the best priced items. That doesn’t mean stray completely from your list, but if the broccoli is full price and the cauliflower is on sale, consider switching or buying more of the sale item. (our meal planning often revolves around sale items)

2. Shop in season. In the middle of summer, you will find local produce well priced and often less expensive than the regular priced items that have been shipped in from abroad. Eat a salad every day! In the winter, follow your body’s need for warmer foods while shopping for winter squash, potatoes, root vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

3. Plant a garden in the summer. Even if you only plant two items, you will still have two items that you don’t have to buy! Organic seeds this year were $3 a bag. Quite the investment. Community garden are super trendy now.

4. Become aware of the re-occurring sales on the “second tuesday of the month” for example. It can be up to 15% off your entire purchase. Springfield Bulk has this weekly and Bulk Foods in West Kelowna was 25% in December. Get to know what consistent deals fit into your grocery shopping route.

5. Subscribe to the flyers of your favorite/closest stores. Often you can do this online and they will email them to you. Then you know what sales are available without wasting two precious items – TIME and GAS! I always choose the nearest store unless I know I will save at least $5+ to cover the $3 I spent in gas to get there.

6. BULK BULK BULK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this one enough. Costco is doing a wonderful job of this. Bulk stores carry organic. Wholesale companies ship directly sometimes. If you can use it for food storage, go through it quickly or can share with another family buy the largest size available if the price reflects a savings! Here is a small list of major items worth considering in bulk sizes: rice, pasta, hemp hearts, canned items, wheat or baking alternatives, oats, grains, frozen foods, high use items and the biggest savings of all – MEAT.

7. Farmer’s markets or health food stores. Not only are you supporting local, but you are putting your money where your mouth is. Every dollar you spend makes a “vote” on what you want the world to look like and what you want to see more of. Want more organic, wholesome items? Then buy them! The price will invariably go down with increased demand via purchasing. I see this every single day. Prices are constantly coming down and sometimes even surpassing it’s imported or conventional counterpart. Plus you get a bit of spiritual nostalgia at the markets. It just feels good.

8. Eat less meat. Yes I said it. I could hit this from a health standpoint as well but just based on the pocketbook – you will save money having just ONE vegetarian meal a week or more. There are lots of vegetables with sufficient protein and the stores in your body will have a chance to use up what’s around. You will feel lighter and more alive if you can eat without meat, even just once in a while.

9. Try incorporating the EWG’s dirty dozen list – the top 12 pesticide offenders! Then you are putting your dollars towards the most important items first, while leaving the clean 15 (least offensive) to whatever is priced the best. A great place to start.

10. Finally, open your eyes! Start looking at the prices and sales and stores that you never really looked at. Ask friends. Go to a new store. Is it 10 cents more a lb? It’s it triple the price and not worth it to you? You won’t know unless you look. It may make you raise your standards and realize the true cost of food. I’m ok paying extra if it’s fair trade and organic. That means someone is getting paid for their hard work on a farm that doesn’t expose them to harsh chemicals, in a country that is probably less fortunate than where we live. Bonus.

I promise, you will feel refreshed, more alive, spiritually in touch with earth and HEALTHIER THAN EVER. I wasn’t always organic so I come from experience. And if you do find success in it, let me know, let your friends know and share the organic love!!!It's not a luxury word.. it's just chemical free!


“The next time you shop at a farmers market, think about what it cost me to grow it. Don’t ask me to take less and then tell me you can get it cheaper at a big-box store. I know you can — but it will not be as fresh or as good as what I have.” Amen sister.

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