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Interested in getting joining the organic community? Have a local holistic or organic business that should be marketed online? Contact me for events, features, contests and other nouveau-ideas for your brand. We look forward to working with you…

Megan Purnell, BBA, RHN

Our Office


2 thoughts on “Contact & Marketing

  1. Chris Fisher

    Thanks Megan. We arent “organic” yet, but we are moving in that direction. Here it is, Jan 6th, and im pulling out fresh root veggies from our garden. We may be contacting you sooner than later to look at our options. More so, I need to do a diet, that eliminates these high sugars and starches……

    1. organicmegan Post author

      Awesome! You are in the right direction and how lucky you are to still have garden access. (I’m envious!). For sure contact me. I wouldn’t so much say diet as a lifestyle change to incorporate your favorite items, and leave behind the unhealthy ones. Easier that way!


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