Need some private expertise? Payable via email money transfer, cheque or cash.

EMAIL SUPPORT/ADVICE – Have some symptoms that you want holistic and natural options for? I do all of the research and send you a compilation of options for you to use. Tailored to children or adults, with specific ways for you to overcome an illness or use in addition to your doctor’s advice.

Follow up email for clarification included. $20

MEAL PLANNING/GROCERY SHOP – Do you have a favorite store you want to know how to navigate better, cheaper, healthier? Are you concerned with the ingredients in your cupboards and would like help filling them with better alternatives, even on a budget? Weight loss or health goals need help? A meal plan is a great place to start.

1hr  $60

GROUP LESSONS/PUBLIC SPEAKING – introduction to baby solids, how to research vaccines, organic on a budget.. all coming soon!

Minimum 1 hr for groups up to 5 @ $25 each.

HOLISTIC ASSESSMENTS – to optimize health via nutrient intake and other natural suggestions for symptoms related to everything from allergies, fatigue, hyperactivity to baby care and everything in between.

Full assessment, recommendation and two (or more) email or in person follow ups $150


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