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Inspiration for Organic Foodies

I’m in my last semester of nutrition schooling and I often mark or highlight sections of my texts that stand out and make me think twice. I seriously can’t wait to re-read every text I own, but today, one just made me stop in my tracks and re-read so many times I had to share it. I hope this evokes the same feeling of PEACE, GRATITUDE & WELL-BEING I felt upon reading it. It’s perfect for the New Year and I hope it aligns with your goals, better yet, I hope it makes them brighter.

These are the teachings of Herman Aihara on the principle of “the art of longevity”, also called Macrobiotics*:

1. Ecology – eating naturally cultivated, unsprayed, locally grown foods.

2. Economy of Life – no waste, eating whole foods, avoiding partial or refined foods.

3. The Yin-Yang – theory of opposites, healthful eating meaning striving for balance.

4. Art of Living – we need to be responsible for our own life and health, which is always changing so we must be ready to change and adapt, flexibility is key.

5. Appreciation – it is the root of freedom and happiness (LOVE!)

6. Faith – nature manifests it as “the love that embraces everything without exclusions”.

7. Do-O-Raku – to live in perpetual ecstatic delight, the enjoyment of life.

Isn’t that so powerful? 2013 is your year to waste less, appreciate more, live happier, be healthier, balance your imbalances and ENJOY GOOD WHOLESOME ORGANIC FOOD. (with some good wholesome organic friends) xo

Leave your thoughts below if any of these points are meaningful to you, we love stories!

*Text from: pg 125-126 Food and Healing, Colbin 1986


“In 2002, The EWG tested two groups of preschool children in Seattle to see whether eating organic food reduced their exposure to pesticides, such as those belonging to the organophosphorus group, that hard the brain and the nervous system of growing organisms. The tests found that children who ate conventionally grown food had concentrations of “six to nine times higher” than those who ate organic foods. As the study’s researchers noted, children exposed to high levels of organophosphorus pesticides are at high risk for bone and brain cancer, and for childhood leukemia.”

The End of Food, Pawlick, page 75.