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Lunch Mate Burgers Exposed

I was passing by an aisle at the grocery store and saw a BOGO sign. I saw it was a new packaged lunchables called Lunch Mate.

A friend who works at a daycare told me these actually show up at lunchtime! I wanted to share what I saw:



Here is a small list of SOME of the ingredient in one “real chicken” package:

soybean oil, soy protein & soy lethicin (GMO)
corn starch, corn flour (GMO)
sodium stearoyl lactylate
EDTA (binds to calcium & magnesium, halting their absorption)
sodium benzoate
sodium diacetate
sodium and potassium lactate
sugar, glucose syrup and artificial flavors (in the peach slices!)

and a WHOLE lot more that I can’t pronounce. I hope parents start to realize that packaged lunches a slowly sickening children with their poor ingredients and preserving chemicals. Every human deserves better than this, but our children are “under construction” and especially need the vital nutrients for growing, maintaining and healing their body & brain. Even when offered one for free, avoid lunch mates… the real peaches aren’t too far away!