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You Sleep Daily so Your Mattress Should ROCK. Talalay vs Organic Latex.

So I know what you are thinking… this blog is still alive?! Sorry, I took an “I’m way too busy” leave of absence to have my second child and complete my third education. So I am finally a Stay At Home Mother of 2 and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Who already has started taking clients in my spare time (what is spare time?) Take your busiest day at work, smear some food on your clothing for accuracy, pack about 25lbs of weight on any hip of your choice, with a textbook in the other and see if you can stir some food on the stove while singing “LET IT GO”. That’s about a usual day here. But I was so stoked on my new mattress education that I literally said I would make time to get back to my desk! So why read this? YOU SPEND ONE THIRD OF YOUR LIFE ON A MATTRESS!!!! A few words about them that should pipe up your interest: PVCs, lead, solvents, VOCs, formaldehyde, flame retardants, boric acid and coming in top place with over 60 chemicals listed to off-gas and breath in: MEMORY FOAM. I feel horrible for owning one at one time in my life. So you should consider savings up for the alternative – non-off gassing clean mattresses found as close to home at it gets.

There are some amazing companies making fully or partially certified organic latex/cotton/wool mattresses in Canada (Vancouver more specifically). I want to share with you MY top two I got to learn about and where you can find them.

First is the least expensive, semi-organic option. It is covered in full organic cotton and will not require off-gassing but has a European approved layer called Talalay latex. Talalay is partly synthetic latex but it doesn’t have that long list of chemicals in it and it’s actually considered an all natural product, but that doesn’t always mean much to those who demand true organic status. Take one minute and read about it HERE. It will still be extremely comfortable and long lasting with a 10-20 year warranty for the most part! Find your closest dealer with this Nature’s Embrace LINK or this Rest Well LINK. In Kelowna, I like Scan Design for Rest Well products, and they happen to have a 40% off mattress sale over the holidays. That brings them down to the 1400+ range for a Queen or King size. Usually I would expect $2000+

The Unison Organic Mattress

The Unison Organic Mattress

Next is my personal fully organic bed of choice, which I bought and will rave about for a long time to come. It is organic top to bottom (even the glue is water based, at least 95% overall) with all of the organic bells and whistles like a 25 year warranty (12 straight /13 pro-rated), 8 or 10″ options, four firmnesses and a giant book on all of the certification. Sleepy’s in Kelowna was the first one to offer me proof of what the certification was, and the only place that knew exactly what they were talking about when I said “organic mattress”. They didn’t oversell or undersell and gave me lots of quality information. Everyone else tried to disguise their partially organic one, or try to sell us something else. It is made by Nature’s Embrace which is the first LINK above for dealers in the area. The Unison mattress that I own is only found at Sleepy’s in Kelowna and will start in the 2500+ range for Queen or King. But you won’t be buying another for TWENTY PLUS YEARS! Now.. if you tell him I sent you over, and you bring a friend, I bet he would give you some slack or throw in an amazing organic grown Kapok pillow and delivery for free.. try asking for Geoff! (not a paid endorsement in any way but I want another pillow if you get one, they are that good)

So consider your sleeping health and invest into the best you can find in your area. They are so well made, and you will have less chemicals in your home, less waste going to the dump (think of how many mattresses live 5 years or less), no metal springs leftover and plenty of warranty to back up your sweet sleep. What’s next for us? Kids mattresses of course! #worthit

Any other brands you love? Feel free to post below..