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Are you addicted to sugar? How to cut the cravings!

Ironic that I post this as I just ate another dark chocolate covered pretzel. Oops. Tis the season??? My husband dared me? I didn’t want the baby to find them? My dog is allergic? (Right, I don’t have a dog)

I’m learning all about allergies and it’s been an eye opening read so I knew I had to share some of it, although I must say treating allergies are extremely unique and should be left to those who can create individual plans. BUT they can be fixed so don’t ever lose hope. Anyways back to the good stuff… SUGAAAAAAAAAR.

FIRST MAJOR SIGN OF ADDICTION: Obsession. Do you think about food all the time? (YES) Do you plan the next time you will eat it? (ALL THE TIME!) Do you get excited when it’s close to eating time? (I’M EXCITED JUST READING THIS!) Do you arrange your life in ways to facilitate obtaining food? (OK MAYBE A LITTLE FAR…)

If you said YES to any of those, welcome to the club! There are three more cardinal signs but only the first one made me stop and laugh at myself, then text my friend the excerpt, to which she wrote back “Me too!”. Trust me, you aren’t alone and you probably aren’t truly addicted, so much as caught in what I call “the refined food trap”. Intrigued how to fix it? It’s really simple… and once you are aware you will always remember this! Keep reading.

Why sugar and refined foods cause you to crave more: “A refined food has lost its normal protective ratios of synergistic vitamins, minerals and enzymes either by removal or destruction. This alters the way it is metabolized in the body. For example, sugar acts more like a drug in the body than a food…In its natural state, as cane sugar, it supplies B vitamins and many trace minerals including chromium.” (Dr. Bateson-Coch, p. 60) Then the nutrient stores you have are used up to try and make up for the lack that is created. Imbalance in the body occurs, mixed signals to the brain follow and this leads to more craving and addiction in an attempt to fill the void! (think of the film Supersize Me as a prime example) Also makes sense to why pregnant women may have cravings.

DUN DUN DUUUUN! ENTER THE SOLUTION: EAT WHOLE FOODS IN THEIR NATURAL STATE. As in, intact with correct ratios and a full supply of nutrients. This has clinically been shown to the fastest, easiest, simplest way to eliminate cravings. You now have a glimpse of my glory I learn about everyday. Eat food as close to the ground, as close to home, as least cooked, as clean as possible and ENJOY EVERY BITE OF IT. Once you start to crave vegetables, you will get a long-distance high five from me.

SO every January 1st I have a tradition of a Christmas Sugar Detox. And I will be inviting ALL OF YOU TO JOIN ME! Eliminate what’s in your house in the next couple of weeks because you won’t want to miss this. You will feel amazing after and probably start off the new year in your skinny jeans. Downsides? None. Stay tuned… details will pop up before it begins. Need a little motivation? Scroll down this until you reach the word Cocaine.

Scary facts...

Scary facts…