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I can’t think of any other topic more spoken of today, more needed than ever and more confusing to the average consumer than ORGANIC food vs CONVENTIONAL food at the grocery store. So let’s skip the intro (hi, my name is Megan, I love food, this is all I do, welcome) and get right to the big question on everyone’s mind…

“Why bother, regular food seems to be just as nutritious?”

Your body is amazing, complex, forgiving, brilliant and needs three main things: food, water & love. Life is short lived without them. This makes what you put inside of your precious body ever so important. Also doubling as a public transit system, your body will take each broken-down passenger, and drop it off safely to it’s intended destination. If you burden your body with oxidizing, toxic or negative passengers then your body will have to make “room” somewhere and eventually start to get run down from unwanted visitors. We almost all know someone who has had cancer so it’s affecting us all.


Enter industrialization and monoculture crops. If you make it a huge operation, you are more efficient and profitable due to economies of scale right? WRONG. There is always a drop off to each economy where you lose efficiency. It also ignores nutrition. Let’s simplify – your food is grown in the ground, and it receives it’s nutrients from the soil. If the soil doesn’t have an abundance of different (about 60) vitamins and minerals to pull from – then that food might look like a tomato, but be lacking all or many of the vitamins you should be getting. As the big farms don’t rotate their crops and bring in other plants, you get stuck with a discounted plant not only in price, but in health too. And as those weaknesses show in the plant, bugs come to attack and the farms decide that spraying toxic chemicals will be their best option. Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are now regarded as normal, while the obvious environmental and health effects are ignored. Your child probably doesn’t ask for broccoli with a side of Agent Orange do they? Organic is especially important with children in development! Your health is the most valued asset you have. Mother Nature took centuries to perfect our food based on climate, sun direction, intensity, water availability, shade and soil. Science will never have enough time to become an expert like that. Get the food you KNOW is clean of unwanted visitors, whether it be from your backyard, local farmer or regular grocery store – ORGANIC IS BETTER. HEALTHIER. SAFER. TASTIER. AND AWESOME.

“The food you eat is only as good as the soil it came from and the love that cultivated it”. -MP

What do YOU think about organic food?