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A MUST READ ARTICLE: “According to an investigation by the New England Journal of Medicine, 96 per cent of the scientists who wrote articles supporting the drugs received financial benefits from the pharmaceuticals companies that make them.” LINK BELOW


The Best Organic Cheese Giveaway!

If you live in the Okanagan, and have not tried JERSEYLAND FARMS organic dairy products, you are missing out! I mean REALLY missing out. Let me review a few products you can find, slash that I eat daily:

CHEESE – everything from jalepeno curds, to fresh feta to herb flavored cheddars in mild, medium and aged. What makes this cheese extra special is how it’s made from raw milk so people who are lactose sensitive can often tolerate it just fine (I know from testing it on my friends and clients successfully). Small and very large blocks available. Life-changing cheese!

YOGURT – full fat and low fat in 6 different flavors. The cleanest yogurt around for children. Only $4 for 750g.

FRESH WHIP CREAM, SOUR CREAM & BUTTER – little more expensive but you get what you pay for with quality and exceptional taste. Fully local and organic.

You may find surprises at any time like cumin cheddar being tested at his table. Or peppered gouda! Always worth walking by his tent at the Farmer’s Market. (For FM hours and info, click here) And if you are concerned about happy cows, read here. It’s my favorite part of his website!

SO WHO WANTS A FREE $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO REDEEM AT THE KELOWNA FARMERS MARKET?!!?!?!?! Jerseyland is giving away TWO of them to a lucky entrant. Part 2 and 3 of this contest must be completed via facebook.


1. You must redeem in Kelowna on a Saturday Farmer’s Market in full. No change will be given, or credit kept on file. Must be used within 4 months of winning, until August 2013.
2. You can gift the prize to family or friends in Kelowna if you choose to enter and cannot redeem yourself.
3. Jerseyland and OIA have the right to choose any winner at random, or remove the prize at anytime.
4. Contest opens Monday the 25th and closes at midnight of the last day in March, the 31st. (7 days)
5. 2 winners to be announced prior to the first outdoor Kelowna Market, the first week of April sometime. I get busy, but I will try ASAP CAUSE THE PRIZE ROCKS!!!!!!! Good luck and much dairy love to everyone.

Sugar Is a Drug

From our friends at Hungry For Change. One of my favorite topics- sugar and children.

Best quotes- “Food kills more people on Earth than all drugs combined.” and “you might as well be rolling up the kids sleeve and puttin’ in heroin, because it’s the same”.


REAL Homemade Hot Chocolate

It’s no secret that I am a walking advertisement for Blenz¬†Belgium Hot Chocolate. I bring every visitor there and force them to drink amazing chocolate beverages. I also bribe friends to visit me just so we can go there (ie. Sabrina & Jo in Lethbridge and Tina in Oahu, you’re all next) so if you think this tastes good – then you need to come to Kelowna!


My monkey mug and G&B’s hot chocolate mix

In order to afford life, my husband made me watch their every move so I could create it at home. You will want to pick up an old school hand blender ($5 used) or else you will have to whisk and lose the delicious froth!

You will need:
Your favorite mug, any size
2% or full fat organic milk or alternative unsweetened nut milk
2 rows of HIGH QUALITY white, milk or dark chocolate (even the $4 Beligum bars at WalMart are acceptable, but organic is a bonus)
optional: cream if you have it in the fridge


My favorite chocolate bar!

Pour your milk into your mug, less a couple of inches to leave room for the chocolate addition. I suggest no more than 1/3 cream, if you choose to make it more rich. It’s perfectly acceptable without the cream. Put on the stove at medium heat, stirring often. While it’s heating up, chop up about 4 pieces of chocolate for a less sweet drink, up to 8 pieces for a chocolate lover’s mug!


Chop at room temp for easier handling

As soon as the milk is warm (you don’t want it to boil or be too hot), you can throw all of the chocolate in and mix really well. Test the temperature and degree of chocolateness (yes, that is a formal term). Adjustments are easy to make at this point with a little more milk or more chocolate. *One thing I know, is that there is no one perfect recipe to this because this drink is ordered half sweet, three quarters sweet or full sweet so I like to give some room for personal preference*


Pour into your awesome mug and have a seat… you’ll need to take moment to put your feet up. If you’re really bold, try a mint chocolate bar! YUM! Have you tried making anything like this before? Ideas to take it to the next level?

Homemade Organic Sweet Potato Fries

I literally have been eating this so often that I keep putting the food in my mouth before remembering to take a picture of it!!!


Arguably my favorite meal- local beef with organic raw cheese over organic lettuce

Kid and adult friendly- here it is:

For 2-3 servings I use (what I make for lunch and eat by myself somedays!):
3-4 organic potatoes
1-2 sweet potatoes or yams
Organic seasoning mix
Paprika or cayenne pepper
High heat organic oil like coconut


Sweet potato, yam and organic potato mix – an oil spray jar is ideal for this task

1) Heat oven to 375
2) Peel and cut into fry shapes, the smaller the faster it will cook.
3) Oil the pan lightly. Toss fries onto tray. Drizzle evenly with oil (toss them around) so that they are all coated lightly. Season as you wish.
4) Put in oven and flip every ten minutes until browned on a few sides, about 30min.

Hint: if you love crispy fries, pump up the heat to 400+ for the last ten minutes.


What they look like during first flip (about 10 min)

Serve with your favorite mayo dip or just salted with ketchup. Best addition to your homemade burger night.


Completed and ready to eat!